Leif Erickson, BFA™, Financial Advisor

Leif Erickson, BFA - Financial Advisor

Leif Erickson, BFA™, Financial Advisor


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Leif and his wife, Chelsea, are the proud parents to six young adults. They make their home in Forest Lake where you will find them active in the community and sharing as many beautiful sunsets as possible with friends on the lake.

In addition to serving his clients through comprehensive Financial Planning, Leif and Chelsea are active real estate investors in multi-family housing.

Leif's core values include Education, Family, Health, and Integrity. With these values as a guide, Leif has earned his Behavioral Financial Advisor™ designation.

One of the things Leif enjoys the most about his role as a Financial Advisor is when he "can partner with his clients to help them align their decisions with their goals and their goals with their values".

The Short Story is my team and I help our clients align their financial decisions with their goals and their goals with their values.

Our expertise at the Cornerstone Group is to prepare our clients for the Certainty of Uncertainty. We can't predict the future, but we do help our clients prepare for it.

A big part of our services as Financial Advisors in Forest Lake is to help our clients make rational decisions in the presence of competing and difficult to deal with emotions.

When Clients follow our advice, which is comprehensive in nature, we prepare them to have a smart place to get money, whenever they need it and for whatever the reason. We call this the "Smart Money Philosophy" and it's a lot different than trying to put all of your money in the smartest possible place.

Regardless of where you are today, with your values and goals as guideposts, together we'll develop a clear, easy to follow roadmap to a more secure financial future.

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Driving Directions : Our Office overlooks beautiful Lakeside Memorial Park.

Business Hours : 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday


Leif Erickson, Financial Advisor with Thrivent in Forest Lake
Leif Erickson
Financial Advisor, BFA™

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